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CSA Member Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Members pay in advance to support the start-up cost of a farm season, and the farm distributes shares of its produce to its members throughout the season. It is unbelievably sustaining to the operation of a farm, and members get access to top-quality food straight from the source in their own community. 

What is the CSA schedule?

Starts Week 25 (June 21st to June 27)
Ends Week 52 (December 27 to Jan 2)
Almost every week: it’s 25 shares over 28 weeks. 
*Members get one week off of their choice.

Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks are off, but we will have special holiday sales both weeks.

How much does the CSA cost?

$40/week for pickup at Urban Roots Farm or other designated pickup locations. 25 weeks a season x $40 = $1,000.
There is an additional $10/week delivery charge for home delivery in the suburbs and in Philadelphia.

How do I submit payment

You pay in several parts: first your $50 deposit charged through this site, followed by mailing the rest by check in two installments. $450 within 1 week of signing up, $500 by June 15th. You also pay for your add-ons by check. Since your add-ons and discounts make for adjusted totals, we know it can get confusing. So if you're not sure what your total is- reach out and we'll do the math for you.

Make checks payable to: Urban Roots Farm
mail to: Urban Roots Farm
395 D Bishop Hollow Road
Newtown Square, PA 19073

Wow $1000 is a lot! Is that really what it is? 

It is, but you don't have to pay $1000 right away. We believe the CSA is a genuinely great deal on produce. It is $40 a week for over 10lbs of typically a dozen or more types of vegetables. You pay for your share in three steps: first you select your time and location when you make your $50 deposit through the online store. Then you'll mail the rest by check in two installments: the first ($450) within one week of signing up, and the second ($500) by June 15th. If you have trouble with the payment schedule, just ask for a PAYMENT PLAN! We would love everyone to help you take advantage of this great deal!

What about add-ons from other producers?

You can view our list of farmer partners and local producers here

How do I choose my pickup time and location?

Make sure to select the $50 CSA Deposit item that corresponds to your preferred time and location from the "Sign Up!" Page. The pick-up and delivery options are listed below for your reference (scroll down towards the bottom of the page).

Do you have any discounts available?

  • If you have trouble with the payment schedule, just ask for a PAYMENT PLAN! We would love everyone to help you take advantage of this great deal!
  • Recommend two friends and get a free week ($40 off). 
  • Free week of veggies ($40) if you sign up for three or more add-ons!
  • Free home delivery ($250 value) if you have at least 6 shares pick up from your home! Just tell your friends to sign up for home delivery. If you cannot find 6 people, we'd love to help. It's better for us and the planet. We can look at everyone's address and recommend folks nearby if you're alright with that.


Is the food organic?

We're not certified organic, but we don't spray anything on the crops or put anything into the soil that is not certified organic. This is good, healthy food to feed you and your family. We do use a lot of organic pest management techniques to try to ensure that the quality of the food is excellent and that the crop is healthy. 

What is included in a share?

A lot of food. Majority of the time, at least ten lbs. Don’t worry, it cooks down some! Most weeks feature at least a dozen types of vegetables and herbs.
We try to include a variety of items that you can prepare in different ways. Vegetables for salads, to eat raw, to roast, to make into sauces, plus lots of basic staples that everyone loves, and several specialty items to make it fun and unique. 

Like what food though?

You almost always get some salads (lettuces, radicchio, arugula, baby kale, and a totally reasonably small amount of radishes and turnips). During most of the summer we try not to miss any classics (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, corn). We love growing in the spring (peas and favas especially) and the fall (our favorite time for beets, cauliflower and broccoli) but some of the sweetest veggies come in the coldest parts of winter (brussels sprouts, cabbage, the best carrots of the year, spinach, radicchio). We hope to have a great harvest of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and winter squash through the end of the year. 

That's what we usually eat, which is reassuring, but what do you have that's special?

We love cooking and we love fun, delicious, unique vegetables. Realistically, most of the stuff in your bag needs to be easy to cook, and easy for even picky eaters to enjoy. But we also hope that your vegetables excite and inspire you to cook every week! 
We have a few specialties we can't wait to share with you: the heirloom tomatoes are so juicy and so delicious its incredible, and we frequently have extra cases available. If you've never had a Jimmy Nardello pepper, we are growing a ton of these beautiful, curly skinny peppers that taste like twizzlers and can be used for anything or just eaten raw. We only grow Sicilian Eggplant, and we think you'll understand why when you try one. It is creamy and not bitter and nothing like those big purple ones or weird long ones. We try to have fresh basil all summer long. In the fall, we love growing all kinds of Italian Radicchio. Some of our favorite types go deep into the winter and get more colorful, delicious and unique as it gets colder. And the winter spinach might be the sweetest vegetable you've ever had: we only grow a local heirloom called Bloomsdale, bred for its sweetness and frost resistance. 
We also have to say that the flowers are often the most special thing we have. We love em. But you can't eat em. 

What's the best pickup location?

Pickups at the farm are very fun and come with more options. We might not be the only farm in Delaware County, but it's certainly a unique treat. Plus you're always welcomed to check out the farm while you're here. We will have all the items in your share setup market-style, with instructions on how you can pick and choose what you bring home. If you don’t want something, you can leave it, and hopefully we will have extra of the things you do like. This is new for us - once we figure out a really fun way to do pickups that incorporate the right amount of choice into your selection, then we’ll add on to it. Maybe some musical accompaniment, who knows!

I cannot pick up at the farm, and I cannot receive home delivery, what can I do?

Review our list of times and locations. We have pickups in Philadelphia on Thursdays at Fairmount Farmers Market 3p-7p, Helm Restaurant 3p-6p, and Black Hound Clay Studio 2p-7p. In the burbs: St. Alban's Episcopal Church on rt. 252 and rt. 3 in Newtown Square on Fridays 3-6, Argyle Ardmore 11a-5:30p on Fridays, or Bryn Mawr Farmers Market on Saturdays 9a-1p. More will be announced soon.


If none of those times and locations work for you, we do have a discount that we hope can help: If you get five or more other people to pick up at your house, delivery is free ($250 value). That could be combined with a $40 discount for referring up two or more signups for real savings and convenience. If you cannot find 5 more people, and you are comfortable with it, we can help and see if there's any members around you who would like to save gas and time driving to pickup or money paying for home delivery. Please email us to suggest we offer a pickup in your neighborhood!

The CSA is too large for me, any way I can buy less food?

The first thing we would recommend is finding a friend to share with. The second thing we would say, is that if you do pickup on-farm, you can have a lot more choice over what is in your share. We figure that most people eat this much food anyway, and that they are singing up for a vegetable share in a big part to commit to eating more vegetables. 

Our goal is to fill all of our member spots with full-size shares. If we do, we'll try to have market-style shopping and online-preorders of a limited inventory available at all of our pickup locations. Once signups are finished, we will convert this website to a weekly store for customers to place orders, and members to add additional, weekly items. 

What about flowers?

We will have a Small and Large flower share add on! Available wherever/whenever you get your veggie share for $25 or $45 a week. Flower shares will run from Week 25 (June 21st to June 27th) to Week 42 (Oct 18 to Oct 24), the first 18 weeks of CSA season. Learn more here

Will we have anything before June 21st?

Yes, but we believe you will enjoy your CSA the most if we wait to start it when we have some real, hearty veggies like broccoli, carrots, snap peas, beets and zucchini - plus, the closer to the start of tomato season the better. For those who really enjoy spring salads and strawberries, check back here once we convert the website to a store for placing weekly pre-orders. We will start our market season on-farm and at Bryn Mawr Market as soon as we have the food, and we will take preorders here and have regular shopping there as well.