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Meet the local farmers and producers participating in the CSA

We believe the CSA is the best way to support a farm, and the best way to have a close relationship with your farmer - and your baker, or cheesemaker. By becoming part of a CSA, you are championing small, local business, plus strengthening the community of farms and local producers that share our values. Add ons from local producers and farmers make the CSA a truly incredible bounty each week. There is also a flower share for those who are looking to bring more than just fresh, weekly produce into their homes.

Right now we are offering a free week of veggies if you sign up for three or more add-ons! 

You sign up for add-ons along with your CSA, just click each one to read specifics. You're only charged deposits through the online store. After you sign up for your CSA with add-ons, you will pay half of your total share within 1 week of signing up, and then the remaining balance by June 15th. We know it can get confusing with all the add-ons and deposits, so if you're not sure what your total is- reach out and we'll do the math for you. There's no extra cost for home delivery of add-ons. 

We cannot recommend signing up for CSA enough: Be healthy, eat well, be happy cooking and eating, support local farms and producers, and actually get a really, really good deal on incredible food that is truly all from our small farm.

Urban Roots Farm

Urban Roots Farm is a 26-acre farm located in Newtown Square, PA, growing food and flowers for our neighbors, local community, and friends in Philadelphia. We offer most of our produce through a CSA, a large, weekly selection of many vegetables that varies with the season. We love feeding our community delicious and nutritious produce. We love to hear that it makes our members happier and healthier.

Horseshoe Ranch Farm

We are Bryan & Brittany & our little one Birdie. We own and operate Horseshoe Ranch on the outskirts of Lancaster, PA. We specialize in slower growing, raising hardy broilers for meat and a diverse mix of hens for eggs. We are truly pasture-raised in every sense of the word- the broilers are out on a pasture enjoying sunshine and forage from 4 weeks of age until 9 weeks, moving to new grass daily! The egg laying gals are out all year round enjoying whatever new grass and bugs the seasons bring them. They are rotated weekly on our land that is full of trees, a stream, and all the forage they could want. All of our birds are supplemented with non-GMO grain for the best nutrition.

Get your egg share here, and chicken shares here: small and large.

Eggs are $6 a dozen for 25 weeks, chicken is $90 or $160 for 7 monthly shares. 

View Horseshoe Ranch's website: 

Ursa Bakery

Ursa Bakery is a small operation run by Philly baker Claire Kopp McWilliams. We make good bread from freshly milled, Pennsylvania grown grain. For the 2021 season, Urban Roots customers can add a bread subscription onto their CSA for $8 per loaf per week.

Selections will vary by week and include:

Omni: country style multigrain sourdough
Hundo: 100% wholegrain spelt sourdough with honey
Baguettes: traditional style (2 per order)
Seedy: multigrain sourdough with toasted seeds inside and out
Sesamo: soft, light yeasted loaf coated in sesame seeds
Cinnamon Raisin: you know, cinnamon raisin bread
Caraway Rye: a moist sourdough pan loaf with toasted caraway seeds

All items are nut, dairy, soy, and egg-free.

Each variety will be repeated so you’ll have time to develop favorites. Terribly sorry, but no substitutions.

Get your bread shares here. It's $8 a loaf for 25 weeks. 

View Ursa Bakery's website:

Birchrun Hills Farm & Valley Milkhouse

A cheese share add-on featuring a collaboration with Valley Milkhouse and Birchrun Hills Farm! Birchrun Hills Farm is situated in the heart of Chester County where Sue Miller and her family raise their herd of happy cows and make award-winning farmstead cheeses including the iconic Birchrun Blue, Fat Cat and Equinox. Valley Milkhouse is situated in the Oley Valley of Berks County where Stefanie Angstadt makes European style cheeses from the milk of nearby Kerith Brook Farm, an organic grass dairy. Valley Milkhouse specializes in fresh and soft-ripened cheeses (think luscious brie) as well as a few cave-aged varieties.

The cheese add-on takes you on a journey through the selections of these two creameries during the CSA season. The alt-weekly share will feature two 5-6 oz wedges of cheese from each creamery per share. 

Get your cheese share here. It's $19 for every two wedges of cheese, over 14 every-other-week deliveries. 

Learn more about Sue and Stef and their incredible cheeses here:

Mycopolitan Mushrooms

Mycopolitan is an urban mushroom farm located within the city of Philadelphia.  We strive to grow the very best chemical-free gourmet mushrooms for chefs and home cooks in the Delaware Valley, and demonstrate that mushroom farming is well-suited to the city environment in many ways.  By keeping our relatively small-scale growing operation hyper-local to consumers and obviating the need for long refrigeration and transport times, we aim to ensure freshness, quality, and flavor of our cultivars unlike what a consumer could typically find in the grocery store.  We seasonally grow about 7 varieties of gourmet mushrooms, and counting! 

Get your mushroom share here. 1.5 lb mixes of several types of mushrooms weekly for $18, from week 38 (the week of September 20) until the end of the year, for a total of 13 weeks of mushrooms.  

    Visit Mycopolitan's website: 

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    We grow flowers at Urban Roots too, and we have small and large flower shares! Click to learn more. 

    Sign up for a small flower share here or a large flower share here. They are $25 or $45 a week for 18 weeks straight out of the 25 total, starting in the beginning of the season.