Bread Share Deposit

Bread Share Deposit

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Purchase this item to reserve your bread share add-on. It is one loaf every single week for the whole 25 week season. For multiple loaves per week, purchase additional shares.

The total cost is $8 (per loaf) x 25 weeks = $150 . $5 will be charged as a deposit for each add-on. The remaining amount is due by check when you make your payments for your veggie CSA. We will confirm your total after your purchase, don't worry, we'll make it easy! There is no extra cost for home delivery of add-ons.

Right now we are offering a free week of veggies if you purchase three or more add-ons!

Ursa Bakery is a small operation run by Philly baker Claire Kopp McWilliams. We make good bread from freshly milled, Pennsylvania grown grain. For the 2021 season, Urban Roots customers can add a bread subscription onto their CSA for $8 per loaf per week. Selections will vary by week and include:

Omni: country style multigrain sourdough

Hundo: 100% wholegrain spelt sourdough with honey

Baguettes: traditional style (2 per order) 

Seedy: multigrain sourdough with toasted seeds inside and out

Sesamo: soft, light yeasted loaf coated in sesame seeds

Cinnamon Raisin: you know, cinnamon raisin bread

Caraway Rye: a tender sourdough pan loaf with toasted caraway seeds

All items are nut, dairy, soy, and egg-free. Each variety will be repeated so you’ll have time to develop favorites. Terribly sorry, but no substitutions.

Visit to learn more about Clair and her incredible bread.