Fall / Winter CSA

Fall / Winter CSA

10 Weeks of Frosty Veggies!

10 weeks of Fall / Winter Veggies from the week of Thursday, October 22nd to the week of Thursday, December 24th. We'll have a holiday week schedule figured out soon. Have a delicious and healthy fall and winter with weekly bags of huge broccoli and cauliflower, sugary spinach, sweet carrots, juicy radicchio, herbs and more. Hopefully some fun surprises.

$40 / week ($50 for home delivery)

Email UrbanRootsPhilly@Gmail.com to sign up.

Sign up for 10 weeks of bread (as many loaves as you like) here: www.ursabakery.com

Sign up for 10 weeks of eggs (as many dozen as you like): www.horse-shoe-ranch.square.site/

Sign up for a monthly order of 4 cheeses (either 3 deliveries, or 6 which continues after the CSA ends): www.collectivecreamery.com/urban-roots-farm-shares

Pickup Locations are:

- On Farm Thursdays 9-12 and 5:30-6:30*
- Local Delivery Thursdays (Home delivery for Veg CSA is an extra $10 / week, no additional fee for other products)
- Philadelphia pickup locations Thursdays:
       Fitz and Starts (The new name of Hungry Pigeon!) 11:30-6
       Metropolitan Pizza Cafe Rittenhouse 12 - 7
       Helm Restaurant 3 - 6
- On Farm Saturdays 11-2
 * Bread shares will not be available in the AM Thursday On Farm, they'll be coming out of the oven!

If you purchase this item, I'll just email you the info and cancel your purchase here. So that works too.