Flower Share Deposit, Small

Flower Share Deposit, Small

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Purchase this item to reserve your small flower share add-on.

We will have a small and large flower add on. It is available wherever / whenever you get your veggie share for $25 or $45 a week. Flower shares run from week 25 (June 21st to June 27th) to week 42 (Oct 18 to Oct 24) - the first 18 weeks of CSA season. Small shares will mostly be a bouquet a week, larger shares will vary based on what is in season. It will either be two bouquets, one very large one, or a selection of various flowers by the stem to create your own arrangements.

The total cost is $25 x 18 = $450. $5 will be charged as a deposit for each add-on. The remaining amount is due by check when you make your payments for your veggie CSA. We will confirm your total after your purchase, don't worry, we'll make it easy! There is no extra cost for home delivery of add-ons.

Right now we are offering a week of flowers free if you sign up before Valentine's Day, and a free week of vegetables if you sign up for three or more add-ons.